Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Visiting a Boston Seafood Institution (And My First Bivalve!)

I'll admit it: I am a bad New Englander - I'm not a big seafood eater! I've tried fish here and there, and enjoyed a lobster on occasion, but I don't choose seafood first. As a result, I have never been to many of the best seafood restaurants in Boston, including the Union Oyster House. That all changed on Saturday night when the girl and I went to the latter for dinner.

Overall, it was a great night. The restaurant feels very warm and cozy and is so full of history! Everyone from the future King of France who lived on the second floor to Daniel Webster to the Kennedy family have occupied the Oyster House over the years.

The menu features mostly seafood, but also has a small selection of land creatures. The girl ordered broiled sole (so good with a nice squeeze of lemon!) and I chose the Cajun chicken (back to the bad New England eater...). Though these were both perfectly cooked and delicious, they weren't the main reason we came to the Union Oyster House. We came for the oysters!

We ordered a half-dozen on the half shell, and they arrived with their famous cocktail sauce, horseradish, and lemon. I will be honest, I was a bit nervous to begin with. Once I tried one, however, I was hooked! My first oyster (and my second and third, for that matter) became the highlights of the meal.

Now that I know I like the oysters, the girl and I are are going to check out dollar oyster deals around the city. We already know about $1 Oyster Mondays at Rialto and $1 Oysters and PBRs at Myers + Chang but we are on the lookout for other specials as well. If you know of any oyster deals around Boston, please feel free to comment or email!

While I may not be the biggest seafood eater (yet...), I am at least trying to become a better New Englander!

(Photo from Union Oyster House Restaurant)

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