Monday, May 24, 2010

Ramp Pesto Recipe

Ramps, also known as wild leeks or wild garlic, are a great spring vegetable. They have a garlicky scent but an onion flavor. I have found that the strength of the flavor/scent really varies by each ramp. You can do a lot with them, whether it's grilled along with a piece of grilled chicken or steak, or in a pesto on pasta like this recipe, it really adds great depth of flavor.

This recipe is a quick pesto that I made recently. You'll notice the recipe is really basic (and doesn't have any actual measurements). It can be adapted completely to your taste. Like it spicier? Add more pepper. Want more acidity? Add more lemon juice! Give it a try and make it your own.

Ramp Pesto

Olive Oil
Black Pepper
Crushed Red Pepper
Kosher Salt (just a pinch; the Parmesan already gives a salty flavor)
Grated Parmesan Cheese

Lemon Juice

1) Trim the root end off the bulb of the ramps.

2) Coarse chop the ramps; bulbs and green tops. Put in food processor or blender.

3) Add grated Parmesan cheese, kosher salt, black pepper and crushed red pepper to the food processor.

4) Start grinding the mixture together while slowly streaming in olive oil. Continue this until the mixture comes together and looks like a pesto

5) Taste and adjust seasoning as necessary. Add a squeeze of lemon juice to brighten up the flavor.

Toss with your choice of pasta and any other vegetables or protein you'd like and you have a simple spring meal.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

23rd Annual Gore Place Sheepshearing Festival

A couple weeks back the girl and I took a ride out to Waltham for the Gore Place Sheepshearing Festival. It was a fun time, the Gore Place grounds are gorgeous and the sheep were so cute. The highlight for us was definitely the Border Collie demonstration (we want one when we get a house with enough space to let it run!). Here are a few pics the girl took while we were there.

Lambs just a couple months old (so cute!).

A ewe being hand sheared.

A freshly sheared ram and ewe.

Two Border Collies stalking some sheep.

The sheep are surrounded!

Border Collie jumping a fence with the frisbee during playtime.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Garden Update - Catching Up

So it's been a couple of busy weeks. The weather has been beautiful in the city and with that comes a lot of outdoors activities! We have been preparing the soil in our vegetable garden and have put in some fingerling potatoes. I'll be sowing some peas and lettuce in the coming days. I've also started some Roma tomatoes from seed indoors as well as tomatillos. They've both been recently transplanted into larger pots as they've been growing pretty well. I'll be starting some eggplant from seed soon with hopes of a late season crop.

On another gardening note, we have just recently gotten a plot in the Fenway Victory Gardens! We are very excited about this plot. It is going to be a flower garden. All different sizes, and some for cutting as well. We've already put in some work (had to take out some leftover shrubs and daylilies...boy did we have daylilies) but will be getting some topsoil in a couple weeks and then will start the landscaping and planting.

I will be posting some photos in the coming days of some things we've done recently in the area as well as some more citrus photos that the girl took.
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